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Someone has a cold. For some days he’s been sounding a bit congested and today he woke up with lungs sounding quite soggy.  Hopefully he will ‘keep it sweet’ and not run around doing a lot of there’s-work-to-be-done chores.

Harper has an appointment at the ‘spa’, where she will get bathed and clipped. She shakes with fear whenever she goes to the spa/kennel. It looks like she is being led to her slaughter.  Perhaps she has abandonment issues. If so, repeated trips to the spa hasn’t alleviated this fear.  Another hypothesis: she does this to make us feel guilty. If this is the reason, it works.

I am reading a book on the history of a event in the middle 1800s about a group of Mormons who headed to Utah using only handcarts. The whole thing was a fiasco: the handcarts were poorly made and carried little provisions. They were pushed by European immigrants who dropped dead from the ordeal.  At one point the author pauses his narrative to relate the history of Mormonism.  He does not paint a pretty portrait. Mr. Smith comes across as a charlatan who started something only to have it all get out of hand, too late to admit error.  Mr. Young is conveyed as an opportunist – cheap too, for he made these pioneers use cheap green wood handcarts to cross the continent, rather than proper wagons.  The book is a fascinating read.  Apparently the LDS church had – has still? – a sort of secret police called The Danites, of which my great uncle Orin Porter was a member. Uncle Orin may be stellar in the eyes of the LDS, but my family knows him as crazy as an outhouse rat.  He made his own beer, a fact I suspect is left out of LDS Sunday school.

This weekend we see a local production of “Aida”.  Proper productions of “Aida” have elephants. You would think in this Red State one could get readily get hold of an elephant, but apparently none are for sale.  Rumor has it there will live camels on stage instead.  Disappointment.

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