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Someone continues to have the flu. Tonight he took some nasty Nyquil like medicine, which promptly put him to sleep.  So Harper and I went for our walk by ourselves.

The night sky was brilliant for our evening stroll. A full moon is rising in the east, with Mars ascending. In the West Jupiter was in conjunction with Venus. I forget exactly what this means in astrology: rising conflict with others or time to utilize a high libido or eat more fresh fruit. Whatever. It was lovely to see these four celestial bodies at once.  Seeing the winter constellations remains incongruent with 70 degrees nights.

During our ambulations I sometimes talk or text on the phone. It makes me feel sheepish, for I suspect I look foolish. Once or twice I have stepped off the curb while not paying attention and serves me right. Usually I have music or a lecture playing on my iphone, which somehow doesn’t look as bad as texting or talking.  Sometimes I talk to Harper as we walk; talking to your dog is considered OK.

I have a RunKeeper app to tell me how long and how quickly we are moving. The RunKeeper has a female voice, which tends to suddenly announce how far we have walked or how fast is our pace. Her tone has a slight disapproval to it, as if she finds our distance and pace inadequate.  On a few occasions I have blurted out loud to the silly old bitch to mind her own business.  Happily in our neighborhood there is seldom anyone on the street to hear my expletives.

But tonight I had only Harper. It is rather serene to walk out of doors without any of Mr. Forbe’s noisy devices. It makes me realize how little of my day is ‘quiet’.  There is continual music and noise throughout the day.  In the solitude I sometimes have great thoughts, but mostly I feel merely happy to be at peace for 15-30 minutes until Harper and I decide to go home.

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