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Harper 21

Hello, my name is Harper.  I decided to give this a try, as The Other Dog seems to spend a lot of time patting his paws on this toy. He is at Jim’s house or something like that.  He says that is where he gets his exercise.

Lord Two Foot is not feeling well this week, so we don’t go to the park or walk as much. On the positive side, he sleeps a lot. I like to sleep with him on the couch. He feel warm.

The Other Dog seems to be healthy although he is goes a lot to his Monday through Friday daytime kennel. At night he wears a collar and looks at this silver thing I am now patting. It is a funny collar for it goes over his ears rather than around his neck, and he barks into it.  He tells me he has been very busy trying to earn money to buy me biscuits and Lord Two Foot Diet Pepsi. He hasn’t had time to ‘talk to blogger buddies’ whatever that means.

I don’t feel too sorry for him though, for he still gets to eat at the table with Lord Two Foot, while I have to beg.  Also, The Other Dog seems to be talking with other dogs at something called Scruff. The scruffy dogs I meet at the dog park are not nice dogs.  I hope the scruffy dogs he meets at the park don’t have fleas or bite.

So that is all the doggy news. I have to start having my teeth brushed, which does not please me. Lord Two Foot says I have to keep a bright smile.  He gives me nice pats. He doesn’t spank me like he does The Other Dog, which seems to wag his tail. To each his own. Perhaps boy dogs like rougher play.

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