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I have just lost playing three games of Scrabbles.  My track record is abysmal. As soon as they end/I loose, my three opponents propose more games. I don’t why they bother.  It must be like throwing darts into jello playing with me, there are no good hits. Like Charlie Brown hoping to kick the football, I keep going thinking I will someday win a game.  If I win, it is not from brilliance but sheer dumb luck.

My problem is I have no sense of strategy. Sometimes Someone proposes we play cards. It is nearly always certain he wins, usually mightily.  In cribbage this is called ‘being skunked’.  I am quite familiar that!  If the point of games is competition, then I struggle with the point in playing, for the outcome is a forgone conclusion.

A wicked fairy must have cursed me in infancy with little sense of strategy (and the inability to throw). But she missed “problem solving”. In that, I am a wiz. I do well with word games. My favorite is ‘Cryptic Crosswords’.  The ability to solve this sort of puzzle seems to be innate, for people either can or can not, and the later never see the point.**  

See if you can connect the clue to the answer:

Your basic Tiger  –  Al Kaline

A snake stopped on pavement – asphalt

Ointment; use with cap off – unction

Failed plan to blow up a mega star – stratagem

What is annoying about iphone Scrabble is I swear the app makes up words . I don’t cheat [much] by running my tiles by a programme to find what to do with them.  I only use my noodle – which doesn’t speak well for my mentality.

I admit it is jolly good fun, despite being no good at it.

If any Spo-fans want to play Scrabble I am keen to try, or am I just keen for punishment?   Where’s the app for competitive cryptic crosswords?

**I used to tell patients doing any sort of word game or puzzle helped prevent mental decline, but this turns out not to be true, alas.  The best thing you can do to prevent cognition loss is to exercise, not the puzzles.  

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