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Happy St. Patrick’s Day !

I got up early this morning to go to the office to do some paperwork. The clinic is a block away from an Irish pub. At 8AM it was already packed with drinkers.  I am not Irish (worse luck) but I can’t help but wonder how they feel about the day being permanently welded to heavy drinking. I used to work with an actual Irish doctor. She was puzzled and a bit appalled by all the U.S.A nonsense associated with the holiday. In Ireland (she explained) they have lamb and new potatoes, not nasty corned beef and cabbage.

After my completion of my chart chores, I went to the gym. To my amazement I dead lifted 260lb. Filled with Hercules Complex grandeur, I proceeded to do more than I should.  Now I have a sore back and serves me right.

Taxes must must MUST be done this weekend. Normally I have them done by mid-February.  Tonight Someone and I have a ‘hot date’ of doing the bills, the budget, and then the taxes. Such is our St. Patrick’s Day soiree. I am feeling the deprivation of vowing ‘no booze’ in Lent. I may as well be a Mormon for the life I am living here.

If I can sit up without pain, I hope to do some shirts. Harper needs a walk. I am behind in my blog reads. I may read a book, and retire early.

Reprobate living.


I need the leprechaun fellow in the picture above to bring me a Guinness and a back rub etc.

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