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I am feeling somewhat lonely tonight. I am introverted and normally quite content to go into a mental bubble (preferably with a good book), but tonight I want some social intercourse. Someone is lost in some sort of iphone game involving putting gems in a row. I could kick my sister in law for introducing it to him. He also took Nyquil (for a residual cold); he will be cold as a mackarel in no time.

I have a handful of fellows on Scruff with whom I chat from time to time but none of them seem to be ‘on line’ tonight, or they are not responded to my texts. Even Facebook friends seems relatively quiet. Nobody wants to socialize with me; I may as well go to bed.

The medical receptionist at work was moved from right outside my office door to her own room behind a glass panel. It is very quiet now; I realize I spent some time chatting with her. Perhaps this is why she was moved: she could get more work done without me distracting her.  The Other Doctor is busy and has no time to schmooze either.

I would call someone but I’ve never been very good at calling anyone merely to converse without a point to the call. It is 10PM local time; most folks I to call are on the East Coast. They would be understandably annoyed if I called this late merely to hear a voice.

Well, I will pack my gym bag for Tuesday and then put out tomorrow’s outfit.  I will brush my teeth and start to read a sci-fi paperback I bought for a dollar in some used book store. Perhaps there is a new lecture on RSA to hear as a drift off to sleep.

Tomorrow is another day; first day of spring.

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