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I’ve been wracking my neurons trying to think of a topic on which to blog. I can’t think of anything profound or clever. My psychic energies seem to be going into iphone apps like Scrabble (still losing) and Scruff (jolly good fun).  There is nothing particularly of interest at work (busy) or exercise (ongoing).  Apparently the Muses are back East, visiting Ron of Delaware, to admire his daffodils. Perhaps they are drinking Vodka and Fresca with Kelly in Virginia.  All I know is they ain’t here. I don’t see any note on the calendar saying “Muses: back in town today.” But the calendar does have some happenings I thought I would share with you…..

The next six weeks have a flurry of activity.  We have a few nights at the symphony and the ballet.  I see three operas before the end of April.  In among all this high culture is an evening with Joan Rivers, of all people!

Brother #3 and family have decided to move back to the Midwest so they can be closer to family. Someone is going to drive one of their vehicles from Seattle to Detroit. He will be gone for a week. I will be ‘home alone’, but there is Harper to attend and keep company.

Speaking of company, April has two group of guests. Our friend Martin is coming to town to play piano in a concert. He is bringing with him a mutual friend; we are happy to see them both.  Then, Mark and Rodger of blog-land come a-knocking. Although we have never met, thanks to blogging it feels like old friends.  I look forward to this most.

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