Today’s Spo-reflection may be a bit ‘too much’ for some folks, so the following people may want to bypass this one:

A – Relatives

B- The Board of Directors here at Spo-Reflections

C- The APA secret police

D – Old people who are offended easily

E – Wicked old screws who are easily excited and have heart conditions.


My intrepid workouts are beginning to pay off, and consequentially I feel better about myself.  I feel brandy as a billy-goat. Spring is in the air; the sap is rising. My horoscope informs me Mercury is in Pisces, which apparently means

“You will have a hard time taming your usual self-control and maintaining that legendary serenity.” 

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

Synchronicity is matching up with my inner Tiberius with a different sort of chat-mate on Scruff.  My profile clearly says I am partnered and we are looking to meet friends but lately a different sort of fellow is texting. In general they are young men apparently wanting me to take on a parental role and give them guidance in certain areas.  Being inquisitive by trade, I converse with them to ask why me off all people.  Most are not subtle in expressing themselves and their requests. I find it oddly amusing, for in real life saying hello to a stranger proceeded by blunt come-ons or dropping ones trousers is considered bad taste in most circles.

I admit I am tickled to be considered a candidate for their causes, although I had to set limits on the lad who in his first text said hello and in the second wanted to fly into town to stay with us for a weekend.

Perhaps I should take up one of these invites, just to see his countenance drop when they see what the real me rather than the fantasy they imagine.

As one of my teachers once put it –  “Never sleep with your patients, for you will only disappoint them.”