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Someone gave me a I-tunes card for Christmas.  I misplaced it a few times, then a few vital numbers of its code were rubbed off. Mr. Forbe’s minions were kind enough to retrieve them for me. Last weekend I finally went on-line and purchased some tunes to download. Between Christmas and last weekend I had plenty of time to consider my purchases. What songs or albums do I covet?

Apart from “Mad World” sung by Miss Boyle, everything I purchased were songs from my youth.  I purchased songs like “So Happy Together”, “Wild Thing” and “Daydream Believer”.  I feel all warm and runny inside.

Our three month free trial of sattelite radio expired and we decided to pay for its ongoing service.  Someone listens to the show tunes channel, which plays mostly Broadway B.C.**  I like to listen to “60s on 6” and “70s on 7”. Someone knows the lyrics of every song from these times. It amazes me to see him perk up and say “I haven’t heard this in twenty years!” and immediately sing along as if it  came out this year.

This is of course another sign of age. I am not interested in ‘the latest’. I want comfort tunes. A younger man doesn’t think like this. My thirteen year old nephew finds last year’s group already fugitives from the grave.

In general I try to avoid ‘living in the past’. I also educate a lot of patients to stop dwelling therein and be in the present.  Nostalgia for songs from my youth are the exception.

I would rather hear Mama Cass telling me there’s a new day coming than those total strangers I see bouncing around at the Grammys.

**Before “Cats”. 

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