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Someone is very thoughtful in helping #3 this way. He is even more sweet in his preparation to make certain I am provided for in his absence. He will make chili, a pot pie, and a few casseroles so I won’t have to cook. It’s not that I can’t do these things, but with long work hours and homework most nights I won’t have much time to feed myself.  He’s arranged for Harper to attend doggy-day care for the days I will be at work.  He’s reminded me to pick up the mail and when to take out the trash etc.  Thanks to his careful arrangements I won’t have to forgo my evenings at the gym.

It will feel odd without Someone. I hope Harper doesn’t become too anxious. Both of us will be lonely for him.

So it is not all work, I may arrange for some dinners with chums or blogger buddies (hey Brent, that’s you!). I may play some music he normally doesn’t like to hear.  It will be Holy Week, so there will be services to attend.  Someone flies home on Easter Sunday, soon after the Easter Bunny delivers that long anticipated bottle of gin (no rubbish).

A perfect martini and a happy reunion sounds better than any chocolate easter candy.

On the other hand, I want a t-shirt from Wall Drug.

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