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A few Spo-fans wondered  a few entries back what attracts me to use fancy and uncommon words when simple words do the job.  My current zeal to learn as many ‘new words’ as I can is part of my ‘No Wine Untasted” philosophy. It gives my life zest. My “No wine untasted” enthusim occurs whenever I learn of something that has within in it a vast array from which to choose.

Wine is a good example.  Rather than learning enough about wine to develop a small set of favorites, I want to try as many wines as possible. So many wine; so little time. This desire to experience as much as possible occurs in many areas: tea, scotch, pasta dishes, and cheese. Outside of the dining room “no wine untasted’ shows up in my taking history courses, use of words, and – the ultimate – reading books. Particularly sci-fi paperbacks found in the back of old bookstores.

On the positive, there is no lack from which to choose new and adventuresome things.  On the negative, it disallows familiarity.  It can be “ADD-like” viz. I start something with gusto only to slake off.  One day I am trying as many new chili recipes as I can find, only to wander off/lose interest and run after as many new cocktails to try.
There is a mild friction at home over this. Someone likes to do familiar and traditional things. In restaraunts I can safely predict what he will order; he never knows what I will do. What hors d’oeuvres to serve the guests is a mild tension over something novel vs. something we know how to make and ‘works’.

I hope my memories of things tried will be my comfort when I am old and unable to do any more tasting of wine, whether literal or symbolic .

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