My iphone has been acting difficult for some time; nothing happens when I press the button. If I keep jabbing, it will eventually respond. Sometimes it works fine; other times it may refuse to budge for hours. Someone is skeptical of my hypothesis the button shuts down in response to an overheated phone (it could happen).  Another theory: Mr. Forbes purposely designed it to make life generally more irritating.

A phone that periodically puts out like a slot machine is a nuisance, so he took it to the Apple store.  I forget the explanation given to me, but apparently they have heard this before. The good news: I was given a new phone – free or charge. The bad: I lost all my photos and phone book contacts, as well as all the apps and their contents.

One of the many “There is work to be done” Saturday morning tasks is to slowly recreate my old phone.  The apps can be retrieved from the computer.  I need passwords to sign back into many of them; this requires me to recall all the passwords.  Last year, I took the advice of Consumer Reports not to have one password for everything, which means I have dozens.  They were supposed to be memorable and easily retrieved but damned if I can remember what goes with which.  It will be a long day.

Friday was a ‘no cell phone’ day as the old phone was in the shoppe. It felt rather odd not having one, sort of like being used to wearing a seal belt and not doing so. It felt simultaneously liberating and unsettling. I caught myself reaching for it to check on some distraction only to remember there wasn’t anything there. I dare say I kept more focused at work and got a more done, without the continual distraction of checking for email, texts, and whose turn it is in the Scrabble games.

Provided I get all the pieces retrieved, I will be back in the Borg by evening. Resistance is futile. What a relief.