The tea-pot at work is being to crack and it is only a matter of time before it falls apart. I hope this doesn’t occur while I am pouring boiling water. In general, pots do not last long in my household for they are continually used. I am surprised they last as long as they do. The current decrepit tea-pot on its last legs is a beige porcelain eight cupper.  After its demise I will get a new one similar to it.  I could solve this problem with a stainless steel pot but I like the feel of the present one.  Cracked teapots are the price of preferring porcelain.

I have an assortment of tea cups but I don’t use them much “He was as feeble as a cup of china tea”  is a favorite expression.  Besides being breakable, tea cups don’t hold much. I xertz tea, rather than sip the stuff.

In general breakable things don’t last long in my care. The glassware has a regular turnover. They are either dropped or fall apart in the dishwasher. Sometimes they break when I press the fridge door ice level too strongly.**  I have a set of really fine tulip shaped glass water goblets I don’t dare use  as I know they are just waiting to shatter at the mere touch.

Although I despise plastic, my ‘every day’ drinking containers are large unbreakable plastic cups. The glassware for poolside entertainment is plastic by necessity as well.  Out of whimsy, the indoor plastic glasses have Aloha Shirts and the outdoor items have rainbows in their bases.  If I have to stoop with plastic sippers, a bit of camp “turns them around” and without any breaks either.

**Pressing harder does not speed up ice delivery; try to tell as many people as you can in town.