The weekend has a few pleasures: tonight we see “Orfeo” which is of course the story of Orpheus.  Tomorrow we go to a concert in which friends will be playing the cello and the piano. Our lodger guest is enjoying his return to Arizona, although the weather isn’t cooperative. It feels more like the Pacific Northwest today – there are even signs it rained last night.  Someone continues to have a cold with allergies.

I am nearing 2,000 posts; I am personally nearing 50 years old.  Even the traveling Spo-Shirt is reaching the end of its journey (soon Cubby, I promise!). Perhaps these are signs suggesting I slow down the frequency of my postings or perhaps go on sabbatical, for my zeal for Spo-Reflections seems to be depleting.  I catch myself writing not from an internal itch to write but out of ‘obligation to post something’.

When I look at this in the abstract, I see that I am not tired of Spo-Reflections but tired of myself.  It feels like I am developing another ‘mid-life crisis’.  I had one in my 30s; I recognize one when it happens.

Not to be worrying. I am not closing down Spo-Reflections, nor am I depressed or going off the deep end. I feel the call to do some Self work. Perhaps it is time to get back into analysis to figure out what this vague terror is really about.   I am sure to keep you posted on this one.