I wear a long tie rather than a bow tie, out of whimsy. A few of my shirts seem to do better with a long tie.  It’s a nice break. There is always talk.

I get out the four or five bottles of bourbon we have in the back and pour out bits into cordial glasses and see if I can a) tell the difference and b) find a preference. Despite a few attempts, I can’t remember the differences or recall what I prefer.  I should conclude it all tastes the same and I can save money by keeping to sheep dip.

I continue to read a book despite its is bad or boring, because I feel obliged to finish it; at least to find out how it ends. Most of the time the ending is unsatisfactory so this approach seldom is worth this. I need to learn to stop things. It is one thing to continue a boring job but a boring book makes no sense.

I play Salome really loud and mouth the words for the various roles, as if I am in the opera. I like most Salome, for she has all the best lines. Someone gets tired of hearing me say “I want to kiss you on the mouth!”

To pass the time between weight repetitions at the gym I watch the other fellows working out.  I put on an expression to convey I am studying their technique when in fact I critiquing what they are wearing or admiring their thighs.

I fall asleep listening to a “Great Courses” or an “RSA” lecture. I have a whole batch of lectures for which I have never heard the conclusions. The History of Rome always stops ~ 300 A.D.  I hear it doesn’t end well.