Here’s a short entry, designed to give a chuckle …

I read dozens of blogs; they are quite various in their style and content. An attribute I find interesting is the comments.  I am not so intrigued by the content of the comments but by the variety viz. who gets comments and the number thereof.

Some of my reads are quite popular. I am usually last in the conga line of commenters. Some bloggers – bless them for doing so! – respond to each comment left. They do this en masse or one at a time.

I always try to leave some sort of note as a means of gratitude for the honor of reading their works.

On the other end, I visit a few blogs where I seem to be the only commenter. This makes me feel odd; I ‘stick out like a sore thumb’ . And this sometimes worries me: I hope I don’t look like a stalker.  Perhaps the writer feels a disappointment to see – once again – there is a comment but ‘it’s that pesky Urspo again.”

I don’t have this problem for I love comments and I am thankful for each and every one of them, particularly the Spo-fans who regularly leave their calling cards that way.

In blog-land I know a few blogs where my comments have received neither a “thank you” nor a reciprocal visit.  When I stop by these dastards I I get bit of schadenfreude (I confess)  when I see they  have a decline in comments.

Perhaps this is not schadenfreude but just plain bitchy malice, but I am saying nothing.

Sometimes blogging don’t resemble so much a writer’s forum but a junior high school.