For some time The Other Doctor at the clinic has been encouraging me to try a local tea shoppe. I was dubious for I am satisfied with my usual dealer, who lives in Canada. But I recently ran out of the ‘good stuff’; I decided to check them out and hold an inspection. I like supporting local merchants and it would save me a fortune in shipping and handling, not to mention the credit card fee for trafficking in foreign currency.


I was impressed with the place. They had my all-time favorite Darjeeling  “Margaret’s Hope” so I was immediately at ease. The young lady conveyed a knowledge of her wares. She wasn’t promoting “Summer Rain”. She had enough tins to satisfy my desire and for quality (no rubbish).  I purchased a few favorites, and some things new and adventuresome:


The pouch in the above photo is NOT cocaine thank you very much but loose black – from Columbia of all places! It wasn’t that expensive and it should make a good ‘sun tea’ when Yunnan is not available (they had some but it was $$$).



I splurged on some Gyokuro, which is a very fine (as in small leaves) green tea from Japan. It is far more costly than Sencha (another Japanese leaf), but what the hell we live once. Although it is expensive, only a teaspoon is needed for a pot, so my 50g stash should last a long while.


I am going to try some Rukeri Green, which is from Rwanda, another region I was not aware grew tea. It had a pleasant aroma and looks to be just as good (and cheaper) than the Chinese bilge I’ve been consuming nowadays.


Out of whimsy I got some Genmaicha which is a lesser grade green leaf with roasted rice bits and – wait for it – popcorn!  It makes a toasty/nutty cup, always good for supper invite conversation.


So all is well in the world, or at least mine. At night if I am feeling blue I can go to the tea shelf and run my fingers over the bags and paraphernalia and feel like Fafner on top of his golden hoard.