We are pleased as punch to have as guests my fellow-bloggers Mark and Rodger, who arrived today from the far off kingdom of Portland.  Rodger has been there from the get-go when I started blogging in 2006. We’ve been reading each other’s works for 6 years. Can you imagine? I got to know Mark later on. Mark is the more active blogger.  They are both well over four feet.

It is a curious paradox to meet people “I know’ yet are technically strangers. Mark and Rodger have sent us homemade jams and pickles. We hear about them through mutual bloggers – yet never seen them face to face until tonight.

As soon as we met, it felt like old friends united rather than strangers types.  We had a lovely supper, and later drinks poolside. The weather cooperated: it is clear and cool (upper 70s, but this is heaven after a week of over 100).

Tomorrow they leave to visit other mutual blogger buddies, Homer and Evan. Mark and Rodger have never been to Flagstaff, so we recommended they stay at The Starlight Pines B&B, which gives them an opportunity to meet Richard and Michael, the owners.

Once again I am grateful for blogging for letting me meet so many neat people: men and women, far and wide, young and old, gay and straight. I am honored to be part of this great network.
I hope to as many more bloggers I can.

Anyone else care to stay at the S&S B&B?**


**The Spo and Someone Bed and Breakfast.