When I was in junior high school I fancied becoming an artist. I especially liked coloured pencils.  Only a few of my works survive; the rest were sold, lost, or discarded.

I drew these owls for Aunt Ruth, as a birthday present. Owls have always been and remain wonderful birds for me. I think I was 15 years old when these were done. I did not see them again for ten years. After Aunt Ruth died, her son gave them back. They were kept in a trunk and moved wherever I went. A few years ago I found them again. I took them to work, where they now hang in my office.  I see them Monday through Friday. They remind me of Aunt Ruth, and the ‘road not taken” viz. becoming an artist.


A few months ago I found a box of pencils, which call out ‘use us!” whenever I open the desk drawer.  I haven’t drawn anything in decades – I wonder if I still can? In one of those nebulous ‘somedays’ I should get some paper from an art store and give them a try.