Who come into our lives and how they do so is a curiosity for me. Do they appear merely by random chance encounters, or was there something more fateful at hand? In the musical “Wicked” there is a line about people coming into our lives for a reason.  Jungians don’t believe in coincidence of course; they believe in Synchronicity.

Whenever I can, I try to remember ‘how I met’ my friends.  This isn’t always easy to do especially as the years go by. Once upon a time I knew how every blogger buddy came to be in my life. Now it is all a blur, a great web without beginning or end.

DougT (of Gossemer Tapestry) recently sent this dear photo of the two of us.  I met Doug and his partner Leon (AKA The Wild One) in Key West.  This was at happy hour when we mingle with the other guests. It feels like only a few years ago, but my journals remind me this was actually in 2000. Both are well over four feet.

Yesterday’s post set off a lot of intrigue about the Alaska trip. Doug and Leon want to see Alaska so Doug can boast he has been to all 50 states. They invited Someone and me to come along with them, for they know I am fond of the area.  It will be a week long boat trip with day time hiking and kayaking. Doug of course will be crawling on the forest floor, looking for bugs and what not.  Leon, the geologist, will tell us about the rocks.  Will and Fritz (of Designer Blog) will also attend, no doubt composing a libretto from it all.  That is the “hazard” of a holiday with professors and geniuses: there will be a lot of talking.  Happily I know a thing or two about the Native American culture of the area, so I will have something to say myself.

Anyway, I am glad to have Doug – and Leon too! – as chums. They are dears.
Just don’t believe anything Doug says about me.

Kiss kiss Doug.