In my recent visit with the parents, I remembered they have some of my artwork.  I drew these three lighthouses in my high school days. I can’t recall when I exactly drew them – high school perhaps. It was decades ago at least.  When I lived in Michigan I was keen on lighthouses.

This one is located in Southwest Michigan on Lake Michigan. 

I think it is the St. Joseph Lighthouse.  I used to know all the lighthouses, but now they are a blur.


I only remember this one is on Lake Superior. 

This one I think isn’t on the Great Lakes, but located on the Pacific coast. 

If this is true, then goodness knows when I drew it. I may have used a photograph rather than oberving the real thing. 

I can’t remember when I last drew. I really should get out some pencils whether black or coloured and do some scribbling.  I can start with stationary objects and move up to nature matters (aardvarks and such) then finally to human figures.  I wonder whatever happened to my figure drawings I did in High School art class. Perhaps they will resurface. Wouldn’t they be fun to find in some drawer or box next time I am the parent’s house.