While catching up on my blog reading, I came across the same video posted on several blogs. It is of a woman speaking up at a Nebraska public meeting. She gives a tangential tirade of some of the most bizarre statements about gay people I have heard since I worked with schizophrenic patients in State Hospital.  Her litany of hate is surpassed only by her incredible statements.  If you haven’t seen it, go to Youtube and look up ‘Nebraska woman on LBGT” for it is worth seeing.  The first time I tried to watch it around ninety seconds I broke out into hysterics.  It took a few attempts to get through it all. Everyone who has witnessed it has their favorite statement.  I like the axiom gay people rarely live past 40.  I plan to tell as many people as I can in town.

It is easy to laugh at this demented oldster and her ridiculous statements because she is so outrageous. I supsect she is mentally ill, and if so we should show some charity. However, I have a chilling feeling many people will agree with her, or worse – believe every word she said.
As a doctor with some education in nutrition, I constantly come across nonsense in my patients’ beliefs about diet, weight loss, vitamins, and supplements.  I instruct their actions are not backed by scientific fact.  This either falls on deaf ears viz. I can tell they are not going to change their ways, or I am accused of being a hired gun of a conspiracy consisting of the pharmaceutical industry, the AMA, and (if they are conservative) Obama-care whatever the hell that is.

Stupidity and ignorance, stated as fact, drives me to distraction like nothing else.  I try to say what I think is Truth quietly and firmly. I stay open to change if I learn my opinion is not Truth.

I hope to be always more interested in Truth than in Dogma.