People are often dissatisfied with their physique and I am no exception. I am overall at peace with what I got and how I look.

The glaring exception is my belly.

Like a lot of men, my body fat accumulates in the abdominal area.  Despite my efforts of exercise and better diet, the belly fat refuses to budge.  After a full meal, or when something triggers bloating, I look like I am pregnant. It is not a pretty sight.

Photographs of hot guys with flat stomachs do not elicit in me lust but envy. I respond with ‘ooh, a flat stomach, how to I get that?”.

It behooves me to loose the tire, but like a squatter, it is difficult to eject.

My desire for a flat tummy is more than mere vanity.  There are a lot of health hazards associated with abdominal fat: diabetes, heart conditions, hypertensions, and certain cancers. Abdominal fat has the nasty additional attribute it is associated with inflammation ,which may the real cause of all these health conditions.  Abdominal fat doesn’t like to go away as quickly or as well as other types of body fat.

Besides the vanity and the health concerns, I see abdominal fat as symbolic of all that is wrong with western civilization < bad diet, lack of activity, lack of exercise, and being suckered into all sorts of nasty foodstuffs from evil food industry empires.

I am quite dubious of human growth hormone and of any diet claim that states it specifically targets belly fat.  I have to work on mine the old-fashioned way with proper diet and overall weight loss.  This is not fun, glamorous, and provides no quick results.

But like the intrepid tortoise of the fable, I hope to cross the finish line ahead of the hare and with no paunch either.