It is the time of year when walking the dog is best done after sunset. Until then it is too hot; the pavement hasn’t cooled down enough for dog paws.

Harper quickly recognizes the word ‘walk’ and she instantly pricks up her ears. Someone and I disguise the word with the substitute “having a W” lest we get her hopes up at an inopportune time.

Our walks used to go at a nonstop pace. Nowadays Harper is keen at stopping at all the shrubs for a sniff. Sometimes it is hard to get her going, she gets so engrossed in a scent.

While we walk I often listen to lectures on my iphone, either medical or history. This week’s Continuing Medical Education tutorial is Eating Disorders; the History course is about The Fall and Rise of China.  By strange coincidence the former is talking about anorexia while the later is discussing the starvation that occurred during “The Great Leap Forward” disaster when people literally turned to cannibalism. One group is hell bent on starving themselves to death while is desperate not to.

Several lights in the neighborhood are out, so our walks are sometimes a bit spooky. Happily we haven’t encountered any beasts in the night.  I haven’t heard Mrs Oliver (the great horned owl) in a while. I miss her hoo-hoos. So if I turn off the iphone it is rather peaceful.  Not too far from the house is some open desert. It is lovely to behold. But stay out lest the coyotes get you!