The Spo-Shirt Charity Tour is concluded. 
Tony sent it to Cameron and James (the dears!) in California, who sent it to ‘home’ to Larry A.K.A Cubby, whose brain-child it was. He texted me on Saturday to say the shirt and journal arrives in PA safe and sound.  He will keep the shirt as a much appreciated thank-you.

The Shirt of Shirts went out on 9/9/2010; it finished it travels on 5/26/12 – 1.5 years later!  Who knew?  It visited 37 people (and a few dogs). It raised $370 for The Humane Society, Test Positive of Chicago, Doctors without Borders, and The Prostate Foundation.

I had an enjoyable time tracking its Journey, which included  the USA, Canada, Australia, England, France, Spain, and The Netherlands.   It lead me to new bloggers – hi Mitchell and Jean! – whom I would not have ‘met’ otherwise.  The photos are here at Spo-Reflections on a separate page (see the header bar ).

 The shirt was my “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris” adventure.  In this story a char saves up enough money to go to Paris to buy her one and only expensive dress, A “Dior” if I am not mistaken.  In the end she realizes the dress was not really the point; it was the adventure and frienships it provided her.


There is one last thing.  Cubby and/or I will somehow up on-line the Journal that traveled with the shirt. I want to share this as well. Then he will mail it to me: Cubby gets the shirt, but I get this treasure.

I suspect I will count it as one of the most precious objects I will ever have.  Stay tuned !


Thank you all, for being part of this and giving me such a wonderful thing.