Since I am on topics that bewilder me, I might as well put my in two cents about Facebook. Why not? Everybody else is. I feel a bit sorry for Mr. Zuckerberg: everybody is saying the most negative things about him and his evil empire.  I recently read an opinion column on CNN equivocating FB to the demise of real community, privacy, and everything else we hold dear.

I enjoy Facebook.  I am grateful for it keeping me in touch with my many relatives and for reuniting me with lost friends.  I am careful what I write: I don’t talk about work nor do I say anything nasty, nor do I drop my pants in photos for all to ‘like’ (or not).

I can’t imagine my FB account being held against me in a job search, unless the employer finds my interactions with various relations somehow unprofessional.

Somebody who blogs like Urs Truly isn’t too worried about total privacy.  By being not ashamed of what I am and what I say on-line I don’t feel threatened or embarrassed.

On the flip side, I don’t play games, allow apps, or click on ads, so I don’t see how Mr. Zuckerberg is making any money off of me.

I think the main reason why people bristle at Mr. Z is he comes across as a smug youngster who is too rich too easy and without the usual ‘hard work’ the USA demands one to have to ‘deserve’ your fortune.  I know enough history to smell a money sham.  I sense FB will go the way of Tulip-mania, The South Sea bubble, Enron and Beanie Babies, to name a few.

Oh well. If Mr. Z is making something selling my alleged interests to ad-men this doesn’t feel to me like the end of the world.  As a mild revenge I rather enjoy telling the ads they are uninteresting deceiving or offensive (my answer varies depending on the day).