Later today we are joining chums for hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and the theatre.  I should be taking a nap, or I will fall asleep in the show before the first song is sung. But I am wide awake. It is hard enough for me to nap but Saturday afternoons are more difficult.  As soon as I lie down my mind nags me with all the things I could be doing. After five long work days, the precious weekend hasn’t a moment to waste – or so my mind goes.  At least I get to write an entry. If I fall asleep in “Hairspray” so be it. I know how it ends.

Life is prosaic: I do my job, exercise, try to loose weight; try again. There are a few shirts in various stages of completion. Someone found his long lost glasses. Harper seems slower in the 100 degree days.  Various house chores are started and completed in time for new ones to arise.  Just Life.  One of my favorite songs is “Life Song” by Mason Williams. It is only 30 seconds long:

Isn’t Life beautiful?
Isn’t Life gay?
Isn’t Life the perfect thing

to pass the time away?

And the answer is ‘yes’.

There is nothing noteworthy down in the appointment book for the month of June, which is all right, for July and August look to be jam-packed and fun-filled (if not exhausting). It is hard to imagine one month hence we will be in Alaska, hiking and kayaking. I need to get out my books on the Pacific Northwest and read up on the history, geography, and culture of the region.  I recently ordered a nature book on “The Grizzly: Bears of Alaska”. If I am going to be consumed by a bear on one of the day-hikes, I want to be at least informed as well as consumed. I was going to order another type of “The Bears of Alaska” book, but it won’t be that sort of holiday*.  Part of me wants to forgo the usual habit of having every element of a holiday planned out and well-researched. Perhaps I should just ‘show up’ and see what happens.   So long as there is ample salmon (no rubbish), some decent wine and bourbon, a few good books, and internet access, I think I will be content.


*Well, not planned any. Who knows what The Fates will provide?  🙂