I’ve been feeling guilty for not writing, so I started scribbling how my life has been frightful and busy, listing the legion of impediments to recent blogging. But this created a whiny and dull post. I deleted it and texted the Muses to send me something interesting tout suite.  They didn’t respond, but a blogger buddy did. He asks the question: Why is it when he lists on FB the menu of a fabulous meal he is having, I respond with “I got a rock”?

For them’s who don’t know it, the reference is from Charlie Brown. Whenever he goes trick or treating the other Peanuts children get candy while he always gets a rock. Poor Charlie Brown.  “I got a rock’ is a nice metaphor for Life not distributing its goodies fairly.

This month I am conscious going for the Rocks.  I am dieting  to loose some belly fat and (hopefully) put some meat on my bones.  The diet consists of frequent, small portions of plain vegetables, rice, and fruit. The protein sources are unadorned tinned fish and chicken, or whey protein drinks. It is rather bland and boring. I miss ‘proper food’.

Rocks indeed.

I just hope all this austere eating and self-deprivation pays off !

In three weeks I join chums in Alaska.  I don’t know what they want out of this,  but I am now looking forward to the cuisine:  proper salmon and broiled halibut, with perhaps some cheese. I hope I don’t sound like a lush when I add I much looking forward to having cocktails and wine with dinner – a “Babette’s feast” (Alaska style) before I return home to plainsong nourishment.