Computers are sometimes hailed as labor saving devices but I see little evidence of this. My maverick ways of using a Mac are being forced to succumb to the yoke of custom and convention.Today was the first day for me manning the Dell PC at work.   After using a Mac for several years, it felt awkward to do this. I felt like somebody who had to drive a stick shift after years of automatic transmission; I recall doing this once upon a time, but how to do so again?

The Mouse raises a long time quandary: being left-handed I couldn’t decide whether I wanted “L” or “R” (the same indecision caused me never to learn how to throw a ball or swing a bat).  Out of habit, I kept using “Mac” tabs only to illicit ire in the Dell which then did things outrageous. Sometimes I could reverse my error; other times I had to start over.

I was beginning to get the hang of it when around 2PM the power went out in my office. The house manager flipped on a breaker, and all came back to life – all but the PC. After ruling out it wasn’t the fault of the charger and the outlet, we had to concur: the PC was dead as a door nail. The new Dell didn’t last a day.

Everyone in the office had a theory as to ‘what happened’.  The house manager thinks the charger blew it out. I thought static build up was the culprit. There were indirect hints I purposely blew it up either out of pique or for the jolly good fun of doing so. A patient, who was present for the drama, suggested demons from hell sucked the soul out of it. That seemed reasonable so no one argued against it.  Happily, I had my Mac laptop ‘just in case’ so I was able to keep working.

I am told “Kevin” is working on either fixing the Dell tower or replacing it. I did not press for urgency.

Tomorrow I go to the other clinic where another new Dell PC waits for me. I am a bit dubious to touch it lest this one wants to surpass its brother by exploding.


In the fuss, I forgot my Mac cord at the main office. I have to get up earlier than usual tomorrow to drive to the main office to retrieve it.


So, with my laptop battery running low, I will bid all a good night and read blogs tomorrow, provided I have any working computer to do so.