It’s been a challenging time at work, going from paper to paperless charts. Besides my usual work I’ve spent many hours (most of my nights and weekends) getting it all working. I cleaned up over 200 charts with faults, so my ‘reminder’ pie chart is now ‘all green’ viz. nothing wants my attention.  I think I got the hang of the work PCs; handling notes, refills, and charting will soon be smooth and I can have my free time back.  I look forward to Sunday, when I can enjoy the day.  I haven’t read any blogs in over  a week, so I suppose I’ve missed all the excitement in blog-land that occurs when I leave the room.  I look forward to catching up.

I don’t have anything profound to write, as the Muses have left the area. Apparently they are taking the neighbors with them. The across the street neighbors – call them  “A” – walked away from their house last month.  A few days ago the across-the-street-diagonal neighbors “B” put out a ‘FOR SALE” sign; their kids are grown now and the house is too big. Last night their next door neighbor “C” put out their for own for sale sign.  Now when I look out the front door I see a vacant house and two homes with sale signs. There goes the neighborhood – literally.    “B” and  “C” were in a long time feud over whose responsibility it is to clean up the droppings of the tree between them. I wonder if both “B” and “C” thought of moving away from each other, only to discover the other one has similar intent. I knew all of this prior to their formal announcements as The Lovely Neighbor (to my left) told us. We have a neighborhood right out of  the “The Lucia” novels by E.F. Benson.  Goodness knows what sort of talk Someone and I generate.


When we moved to Phoenix in 2005, houses would not stay on the market for more than 48 hours. A few years later you couldn’t sell your house to save your life.  I am keen to see how readily and quickly A, B, and C sell their houses.


Spo-fans are quite welcome to move to Phoenix – we have houses galore.  The neighbors (or what’s left of them) are fine people many well over four feet. The Lovely Neighbor will come over with a welcome cake. I promise to come over with a pitcher of something.   Name yer poison and come on down !