Once in a while I review medical cases. These arise when a somebody files a formal complaint about their physician.  Often –  but not always – this is a patient. Sometimes it is other doctors.  I review the complaints and accusations and then the physician’s counter-statement. I go through the medical records to see if the charges are legitimate or not.

While the complaints vary, they fall into the common category of someone is angry. It often gets down to the accused doctor wasn’t ‘wrong’ per se, but he or she was being a jerk.  The doctor either didn’t converse with a patient after a bad event, or was just plain nasty.  In my written summaries I have to bite my lip to avoid saying
“This complaint case wouldn’t have happened if the doctor hadn’t been such a jerk about it”.

Being a doctor nowadays is harder than ever with pressures from every side to do more in less time – but who doesn’t feel this way in their job?  Despite the circumstances this doesn’t excuse bad manners.  I think all employers should mind their tongues and tempers, even when the customer is being awful. I prescribe to the Miss Manners mantra do not return rudeness with rudeness. This isn’t easy. On the other hand, I wish more and more people (especially in the service industry) would speak up to nasty/rude callers and customers and say in firm austere language ‘You need to stop that, that’s ugly’ or “You are out of line’.

Anyway, I am wrapping up a very long report for my latest review.  Once again it involves two people being ugly with each other.  I think the doctor should have known better.

Doctors can be rude boys.  In fact, I know a few real stinkers.