This morning I arrived early for an appointment, thinking I would do last night’s homework delayed to this more convenient time.  To my dismay I discovered I left the matters at home. But every cloud has a silver lining; I get to write this entry.

It’s been hot here; every day is over 110 degrees. I’ve broken down and abandoned my usual white shirt/bow tie attire for short sleeve shirts. I even wear Spo-shirts to work  when they are not too outrageous. There seem to be fewer people at the gym; perhaps it is too hot to exercise.  The temperature of the pool is almost to the point of being no longer  refreshing. Such is the Solstice in the Valley of the Sun.

I am a bit wary of being cold in Alaska. 40-60 degrees may sound balmy to some Spo-fans but to my thinned Arizona blood this sounds positively Arctic. I need to start thinking of packing for Alaska, which entails finding winter gloves, jackets and heavy clothing. No Spo-shirts for this trip (worse luck); time to get out the flannels.  I suspect in the photos my companions from Illinois and New Hampshire will be in T-shirts while Urs Truly will resemble an Inuit.

In contrast to the temperatures, I look forward to rain and clouds. I have always felt paradoxically cheery by inclement weather. I want to purchase a poncho for the trip, but finding rain gear in the local stores is impossible.

No doubt I will make a few trial packings, not only to figure out what/what not to bring, but to leave room for items purchased along the journey.  But that is topic worthy of another entry.