Spo-fans know I am found of the artwork of the Pacific Northwest. While the main points of the trip is hiking, kayaking and being eaten by bears, for me a trip to Alaska is also going to on a shopping expedition. Turning fifty seems a good enough rationalization for getting getting a few new items. I think a six to ten foot totem pole would be just fabulous, don’t you agree?

Someone is Sancho Panza to my Don Quixote. He runs the house accounts and minds our budget. When I have visions of purchases dancing around in my head he reminds me this little escapade is costing us plenty, and we didn’t sacrifice by giving up other trips.  Some unexpected house repairs and bills do not leave much (if any) room for spending . We need to pinch our pennies and mind our (my) purchases. So when I see some must-have-or-perish Tlingit totem pole , I will be taking its picture, not taking it home.  The trip itself  – and seeing Doug, Leon, Will, and Fritz  -are the real “souvenirs”.

Well, if you prefer food and friends to a 8,000$ handmade Tlingit ceremonial blanket (no rubbish indeed!) then you takes your choice !    🙂