Brown rice is a stable in the Spo-diet.  This has a limited amount of carbohydrates, which are derived from fruits, vegetables, and whole grain oatmeal. Nasty white flour based breads and pastas (which I adore!) are out; rice is in – brown rice to be precise.  Brown rice gets onto the plate most every day.

Rice remains an exotic, for I grew up eating hardly any.  Mother never made any.  The rice we ate was delivered with chop suey take out my family ate ~ once a month. “Rice” was white and retained the shape of the little white square paper carton in which it came.
I can not make proper rice. It always comes out undercooked or overdone. Every once in a while I fancy getting a rice cooker, but these seem to make enough rice to feed an emerging new nation.  Someone makes decent rice; his complaint is the different brands in the supermarket all seem to have different cooking requirements.  We should settle on one and stick to it.

So far I haven’t grown weary of the stuff*. The TPT (The Personal Trainer) recommends I stay away from high-calorie sauces and condiments, or what is the point?  Alas, plain brown rice is rather boring.  Hot sauce or soy sauce is helpful to jazz it up.  Since I crave starch, not a morsel goes to waste.  I spend a few extra minutes chasing around the plate or bowl those recalcitrant grains that won’t go readily on to my fork or chopstick.

Rice is far more interesting when it is in a paella, or better yet, a risotto.  I have an accordian file full of risotto recipes, all of which are verboten for now.

I have informed TPT next week in Alaska I don’t plan on seeing a single grain of rice. Bring on the breadsticks; no rubbish either.


Update: I have just returned from a visit with my doctor. My cholesterol, triglycerides, and HDL/LDL are as good as they have even been. And my weight is down. Apparently a lifestyle diet of brown rice without white flour products is a good thing !  


*One of the reasons diets don’t succeed is people grow tired of eating the same thing. This is called ‘taste fatigue”.  It is why you should have a “eating lifestyle” rather than a diet.