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There is nothing scheduled or interested for the next few weeks, which is apt for the dog days of summer.  It’s ruddy hot here in Phoenix, with temps over 110 at times.  This feels more even more hellish given my recent week in Alaska where the temperatures never got above 60.  At work I’ve discarded long sleeves and neckwear, substituting Spo-shirts and the like. So far no one has complained or told me I don’t look the part. The pool feels almost too warm, like bathwater, but it is nice for an evening dip prior to going to sleep.  It is almost too hot to walk Harper; it remains 108 even after sun down.

Such is July in Arizona.

I am swamped at work, which always happens whenever I go away for a week. It takes some time to catch up. The transition to electronic medical records is a slow process, with many bungles and transitional headaches.  Someday it will end but no time soon.

Speaking of electronic headaches, I’ve managed somehow to eliminate the ‘Mail” app at the bottom of my Iphone. I don’t know what happened to it. It seems odd to see only 3 not 4 apps at the bottom row. It is rather inconvenient not to have a phone that gets e-mail. I am not sure what to do about this.  I swear electronics are in cahoots to drive me bats.


It feels good to be back in the gym, pumping some iron.  I feel relatively wussy after a week’s hiatus. Someone and I are back on our more austere diets, after a week’s worth of scrumptious cruise boat eats. I’ve gained 5lb in a week!

In my whisky/bourbon course, I have accumulated and collected several bottles of many types –  all ‘off the menu’ for some time.  I would like to have a whisky tasting party, if only to get rid of it all, but no one I know drinks them (Someone loathes the stuff).   Spo-fans interested in joining me for some Irish/Scotch/Canadian/Tennessee/Kentucky adult beverages are welcome to drop in.

Just bring ice, and lots of it.

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