Taking photos on certain dates is a popular blogging activity. The blogger takes photos of random items throughout his or her day, corresponding the number of pictures with the date of publish. I am not very good with a camera, and today is 19 July; I think I would bore people if I posted 19 photos of my prosaic Thursday life, so here are 8 photos for fun and due process.

Here is Ur Host greeting Spo-fans on their whirlwind guide through a bunch of non-sequiturs.


Here is Urspo (M.D.) on the  job, distributing healing psychotropic medications. 

Getting “Prior Authorization” can be a bitch.  Blue Cross insists patients try Eye of Newt first. 


Harper is rather photogenic.  


Here is one of many totem poles I saw in Alaska. Several were for sale, but Someone was adament I was not to buy a single pole. I thought this mean spirited of him, for many were ‘must have or perish’ items indeed . I guess he was worried it wouldn’t fit in the carry-on compartment of the airplane. I thought this nonsense: I’ve seen people cram all sorts of rubbish therein, so a modest six foot pole didn’t a problem. This one is of Bear. I like a good pole with a Bear attached to it. 


Here is Urs Truly in the driver’s seat of a two man kayak. The intrepid Someone is behind me, with his paddle. This position has nothing to do with anything else.  



Every once in a while The Personal Trainer asks me to send him photos,front, back and sideways, in order to monitor progress with weight loss and physique.  This system would work better if I dated them. I think this is an ‘after’ photo.  It is labelled ‘before’ but I think this is both a mistake and wishful thinking.


We interrupt  the usual photos to provide a picture of a Great Lakes freighter.  When growing up Father sprinkled freighter photos in among the family slides. We used to joke we had freighter photos, with some family thrown in.  I find it curious a freighter are always referred to as ‘she’ but always has a male name. Go figure. 


Finally, here is a jolly photo of a family at the Magic Kingdom. Whenever I am down, I pull out the photo and it invariably cheers me up.  It is titled “Feel The Magic”.