I am thinking of taking up again the panpipes, or tuning the piano and tickling the ivories.  I also contemplate finishing the quilted bedspread I started but lost interest in completing. That’s the trouble with ADD wiring: when you have brains like a hummingbird, you tend to initiate things with gusto only to loose interest or be distracted by shiny objects and things don’t get completed.
It saddens me to think on the number of hobbies and projects that have fallen by the way side. Here is an impromptu list:


BBQ sauces

Coloured pencil drawing


Rubber stamp collecting

Playing the piano and/or the panpipes


Finishing a revision of The Timeless Lands of Erehwon


Seeing all of several TV series (Dark Shadows, Mad Men, and Star Trek, to name a few).


Rolling down Grass Hills 


Somehow I have to get these worked into my life again, but I don’t know how.  It’s not that I grew bored or disenchanted with the dozens of defunct hobbies and interests; I get excited to learn new ones. There just isn’t enough time to do them all.  It’s hard enough as it is to do the daily tasks of living.   It is rather frustrating.


Happily, blogging and sewing shirts haven’t dissipated.


Here are my brainstorm solutions:


Retire now

Warp time and space to make a 30 hour day (or the need of only 4 hours of sleep)

Give up some things to make room

Shorten the list

Take Ritalin


I think I will stop now and go work on a shirt.

** Coming Soon!**

Urspo makes a video tour of the house !