It is fascinating what elicits comments.  Some entries I read (and write) receive no comments, while little blurbs or impromptu thoughts of no importance can release a torrent of comments. Blog-land is a source of mystery and surprise.


The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections is forever counting beans (and splitting hairs) about what type of entries brings in comments. They recently gave me a report on the subject; a tiresome booklet without pictures and there was not an exciting page in it.   But I can not deny there are ‘blogger bombs’; topics that consistently meet with polite silence:



Newer Spo-fans don’t remember I used to post poems. Only a few people would leave comments (and some of them I dare say are just being polite).  Too bad, for I rather liked the poems.  I’ve fancied publishing a “Spo Poems” compilation but TBDHSPR won’t have it.


Random Thoughts.

Perhaps they are too tangential; perhaps they are uninteresting. Perhaps my Random Thoughts Cheerleader is a turn off. Whatever: these entries get little reaction.





The Board politely requests I quit posting shirts on the grounds I’ve made dozens of them and no one wants to see another and how will be ever advertising and the photos aren’t very good anyway.


I am in the process of writing a firm but polite rebuttal to The Board that this is my blog dammit and I can post all the poetry, shirts, and random thoughts I wish. The point of blogging is my artistic expression, and not to rake in the chips. This won’t go over well. No doubt the cacophony at the next board meeting will resemble an orchestra of scorched cats. But I will stand my ground.

And if push comes to shove, I will don my most hideous Spo-shirt and recite Vogon poetry.