As is the often the case, my work demands (coupled with life-tasks) leave me little time for reading blogs, let alone writing an entry.  I am taking a break from my usual Saturday day long dictations and chart work, hoping to come up with some sort of idea for blogging.  Rather than providing me with something substantial upon which to write, The Muses are providing nothing better than a banausic chore list.  It is quite a roster of ‘honey-dos’ to tidy up, fix this, and why don’t you take out the garbage.  What I would like to do is lie on a floating mattress in the pool. But it looks like it may rain, and I couldn’t stay still knowing there is so much work to be done.


The house is unusually quiet for the TV and the iphones are both turned off, a rare event indeed.  I can hear the quiet clicking of the ceiling fan as it whirs around, combined with the soothing  tick-tock of Great Aunt Marion’s clock.  Harper seems to be having a fitful dream; she makes sudden jerks and tics as she lies in the middle of the bed. She is on her back, all four legs up and out in a rather un-lady like position.


There are no plans for the evening; I suspect I will get the charts done and most of the chores completed.  Perhaps I will return to the books I was reading in Alaska.  There is always fabric to cut and sew. Canada is only two weeks away, and I can’t go in last year’s Spos, can I?  What would Harper (two legged one) say ?