I’ve been thinking a lot about nibbles of the starchy kind, mostly because I am not allowing myself to have any of these delicacies. I don’t care for sweets, but I like starchy snacks, particularly if they are crunchy and salty.

Before we turned “PC” in our eating Someone and I used to buy saltines.  Peanut butter or margarine are the favorite toppings, and in a peak of whimsy, perhaps a sardine or two.  Saltine crackers with a glass of milk is my favorite bed time snack.

Goldfish crackers are truly most excellent, although the ‘servings per bag’ is laughable. The bag is the serving, as there are never any leftovers.  I like Cheddar Cheese goldfish the best.  As a child, I used to ‘cook’ them on top of a metal desk lamp.

Pretzels are good and perhaps the least offensive. Someone does not care for them. He also doesn’t care for toast, when I could eat a whole loaf. We both like Tortilla chips, which we call ‘Nasty Chips” given they are get an “N” for nutrition but jolly good fun nevertheless.  Just don’t eat them in bed, or Someone will be cross with you. I tell him I am used to dealing with crumbs in bed, but this doesn’t go over well. I never could tell a joke.

We don’t buy potato chips, greasy nasty things they are. However, if there is a party, you will find me making love to the chip bowl, especially if there is dip. I adore dip. French onion is my favorite, but I am not picky.

Someone makes popcorn, which he cooks in an air machine. This is not very satisfactory as it lacks the oily texture of stove top popped corn.

Crackers, pretzels, bread and toast, and (nasty) chips of any sort – how I miss them so ! But I hope in time to introduce some of these lovelies back into the house.

Do they still make Fritos ?