The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections sent a memo stating I was overdue to write something  profound and thought provoking. Truth is my mind’s a blank. Work has been overrun with the types of new patients who make me think Freud was correct about Hysteria and Miss Manners not wrong about polite society going to hell in a hand basket.  These don’t inspire deep thoughts but the desire to knock heads together.
I am feeling rather despondent. Billions are being spent on the election, and drought has half the country a disaster area, but all we care about is the latest mud fling, which is Chik-fil-la.  Two patients asked me whether I would eat there this past Wednesday. I sensed I was being challenged: if I said the ‘wrong’ answer they would leave in a huff. I was half tempted to say something guaranteed for them to scram, but I replied as a physician I don’t eat high fat, high cholesterol, high sodium processed fast food and neither should they, given their weight. End of conversation. I think I would be less acrimonious if my back wasn’t so stiff and I got some decent sleep.

Three weeks ago I ordered a book** and it has yet to arrive. Bibliophiles and members of the clerisy can appreciate my grief of wanting a book to show.

Well I have to hang in there. The weekend is coming when I can get caught up on sleep, blogs, and other delayed gratifications. DougT of Gossmar Tapestry is arriving from a week’s ‘bug convention’ in Tucson. I hope he doesn’t bring back anything ‘live’.  I am keen to hear how his latest shirt went over at the ‘bug ball’.  I hope to finish a shirt of my own in time for Canada, which is only a week away (hurrah!).

Who knows, perhaps I will have a revelation of something profound and write it out and transpose Spo-fans to a higher plane of consciousness.   Although the feedback from my ‘rainbow yoke’ video is I would wow’em more if I paraded around in my boxers.

**It is a book on the history of whiskey, profusely illustrated.  I sense I won’t find a dull page in it.