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Under pressure from the Board of Directors here at Spo-Reflections to produce profound prose, I present our refrigerator magnets.

Every morning when I sit and eat my oatmeal (breakfast of nincompoops)  I gaze at the refrigerator door, which is covered in magnets. I don’t not found of refrigerator magnets; I think they make the kitchen look kitschy.  So it is a puzzlement a) why we have so many and b) where did they come from?   Several of them ‘have always been there’. It is a mystery how they got there in the first place.   Some days I think to remover them all, but this never happens.

Here are a few of them: the profound ones…..

This marvelous item is a souvenir of a trip to Jerome Arizona.  It is close to the door handle, so I see him more often than the others. He is a heart warming spectacle.

Not too far away is his wife or boyfriend Mrs. (or Mr.) Fabulous who lives over the alcove that dispenses the ice cubes and chilled water.  I don’t remember from whence he/she came but his/her fabulousness can not be denied.

Several of the magnets are the survivors of a set, whose fellow went flying from a sudden leap off the door, sending it flying and breaking.  I recall Black Cat had a White Cat, long gone and ‘put down’ as it were.

Go Blue!

Every year when Someone renews our contribution to some queer organization they send us a thank you diversity magnet.  You can tell how many years we have been members. They hold up a bumper sticker Harper received upon graduating a training class.

And finally, there is no place like home.  

Don’t all homes have one ?

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