It is always sad for me a when long time blogger buddy disappears or ‘retires’.  However, the wheel turns and new comers arrive.   I thought I would introduce a few you Spo-fans should consider.  Some of these ‘ain’t so new” but they are for me, and I find them marvelous, so I pass them on in recommendation.

Anne Marie, a long time groupie, has joined the Mickey Mouse club.

My Jungian pal and spiritual brother Robert is on a new Journey

Joel writes about his own journeys


**BTW – does any one know the current website address for FrogDancer? I can’t find her!!!



Some hope blogging is something like this:

Others see blogging as this:

Often the blogging community is this:

But mostly it is this:

Wild and wacky and full of individual expression and artistry.

What’s not to like about that?

Oh, by the way, here is a very new blogger, Someone you may like……..