You have heard of “Anne of a Thousand Days”?

I am “Spo of Two Thousand Posts”,  for WordPress informs me this is my 2000th entry.

I don’t know if it takes into account the posts imported from Nor do I know if it counts the posts I deleted.

But I am celebrating “2000” anyway.

Spo-fans must be tired of me writing how surprised and tickled I am at each and every milestone I see in blogging.  What started as a half-baked idea in a conversation in a pool in 2006 which inspired me to write out a few thoughts turned into six year’s worth of writing.

Many times I’ve wondered ‘What on earth is there still to write?”; apparently I keep finding more.

I continue with the philosophical approach to ‘make this up as we go along’ and have not pre-expectations.  After all, adventure Journeys are the best types of Journeys.

As always I am truly honored by those who accompany me on my travels. I hope to keep going, be entertaining, and retain your attention.

Love to all

Michael A.K.A Urspo A.K.A Spo A.K.A God Emperor of Erehwon.