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Writing post #2001 is daunting task: ‘2001’ makes me think of Arthur C. Clarke and lofty sci-fi notions.  Alas, I have nothing so brilliant . Perhaps the Cosmos can’t get through due to the high pollution advisory we are having in Phoenix.  It may be I am too distracted with the week’s activities to recognize interplanetary Facetime requests.

This is the time of year when temperatures daily hit 110-115 degrees. Combined with humidity and  pollution, people stay inside and get cabin fever similar to what I used to see in people living in the Midwest in February.

Yesterday I came home to find The Lovely Neighbor was over, paying a visit with Someone.  She was fed up with her elderly mother, with whom she lives. They frequently need space (and escape) from each other.  I empathize. Being under the same roof with someone is often a challenge. Human beings have a dilemma; we are gregarious but  we are not very good at living with each other.  We get on each other nerves,  we step on each other’s toes, and we generally irritate each other without meaning to do so.  The play “No Exit” takes this to the extreme: three people are locked in the same room in Hell for Eternity – there is no fire or torture, but each other. “Hell is other people”.

Someone at least gets a break when I go off to work or to the gym.

When we travel, sharing a hotel room can be a ticklish for there is ‘no other room’  in which to escape when one of us wants to read  or when (Some)one wants to watch TV.

But, this is the stuff of “Being Alive” as Mr. Sondheim wrote  once upon a time in one of his songs.  “Someone sit in my chair and ruin my sleep” etc.

We’ve offered The Lovely Neighbor sanctuary any time she is ready to throttle Mother. In return she will leave the porch light on for the times when Someone is driven to distraction by Urs Truly.   🙂

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