It is the eve of our annual week-long holiday in Ontario, where we assist the Canadian economy by spending money and seeing the sights.  Harper (the Prime minister) is pleased; Harper (the Hound) is not pleased for off the kennel she goes. We always miss our pooch.

This year the exchange of dollars to loonies is a poor one (once upon a time it was a 2:1 exchange; now it isn’t even 1:1).  Someone says we (I) must be mindful of our money and not go bezerk buying things on impulse.  Happily, the airplane and theatre tickets are already paid for. This leaves us to pay for meals, Tim Horton doughnuts, and bottles of Canadian wines and whisky (no rubbish).

Here’s my little list of things that shan’t be missed :

Tim Horton Doughnuts

Ten plays in seven days

Dinner with our ‘same time next year’ gal pals in Niagra on the Lake

A tour of a the Forty Creek whisky distillery.

Hunting for the elusive and remarkable Baco Noir wineries

Toronto and Church St.

Tim Horton Tim-bits

Seeing our chums, Martin and Dale. 

Sleeping without AC !!

Rolling down grass hills. 

Fabric shopping

Eau d’source water – my favorite ! 

Reading books. 

Mounting a meaty, or meeting a mountie, I get confused.   

Crossword puzzles

More Tim Horton Doughnuts

Dropping my ‘ou’ to ‘oo’ even more so they sound like ‘oot and aboot’ 

Tea shopping : We (I) are in desperate need of Assam and Green/white blends

Tim Horton mug (to purchase)

Bloody Caesar at Cafe Down the Street Cafe in Stratford. 


Uther Tortures  

Very Nasty Tortures   


Zoo (sorry I couldn’t think of anything else)

I don’t think I will have much time for blogging; I will try to post from time to time to tell Spo-fans how successful I am with this list.

Take off !