Go ask Someone.


It’s been a whirlwind of travel and theatre here in Canada, and a jolly good time too checking out the wines of Niagara. We are presently in Toronto (Room #205). Someone is at the drag show, and I am fading fast. Before I nod off, I wanted to get on line and write a post for goodness sake.

Trouble is, what’s there to write? For those who haven’t connected the dots, Someone recently took up blogging. I am pleased and proud of him for doing so. However it produces a novel predicament: when I get a notion upon which to blog, as I write it out I realize he’s beat me to it. He’s quick as a wink, for he writes and posts his entries via the Iphone. So, my half baked ideas have fall flat like a souffle in a cook-off contest against Martha Stewart.


Perhaps I should stick to subjects outside of Someone’s realm. I am sure a blog entry on corkscrews would fascinate, no?


Perhaps I should write out my ‘What did I do on my vacation’ posts anyway. Spo-fans can read both views and try to figure out what really happened. Truth is, he writes well and accurately, not like my flamboyant embellishments.

Perhaps we are not so much “Roshmon” as Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.


More to the point, we are now “Someone” and “Someone Else”.  🙂