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I am again sitting by the lake. It’s early; everything is covered with dew. It’s a bit nippy, but I am warm enough, for I am wearing a sweatshirt and having a cuppa. The laptop warms my thighs. The only sounds are the call of distant birds and the sudden drop of acorns onto the gazebo roof.


I haven’t been on line this week. I’ve been busy going to shows and seeing the sights. The motel internet connection is tenuous at best, which means I have to walk down to the main cabin to get a good connection. Frankly, late at night after a day of shows, good eats, (and a few whiskies) I am uninterested in hauling down the computer. Someone is doing a fine job describing the shows we’ve seen. So there ain’t much to say.


Although I am having a splendid time, I sense I am ready to go home. I miss my dog. I miss my workouts too. After a week of mostly sitting in a theatre and then eating, I feel quite out of shape.  And of course, I miss blogging. No doubt my blogger buddies had great events and/or theophanies in my absence, and I missed it all.  Well, I will soon be back to find out. We fly home Saturday night and Sunday to unwind, do laundry, and catch up with blogs.


Today Brother #3 and wife are coming through town on their way to a wedding in Toronto. We’ll have lunch with them. Someone and I will visit a local friend, go to an antique mall, and a fabric store. Jolly good fun, indeed.  Two chums arrive today; we will have a fabulous dinner (no rubbish) and see “Wanderlust” whatever that is.  I have to figure out how to get over the border all the bottles of wine and whisky that followed me home.  And there is room for one more doughnut made by my boyfriend, Tim Horton.

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