Earlier today a buddy texted me while I was on a decline bench doing the dumbells. As is his wont he asked “How’s it hanging” to which I replied “upside down”. Between sets (and back upright) we talked about each other’s evening plans.  I was going to dictate charts and tidy up some papers. He was going to a pool party, the kind which sounded rather R-rated if not more so.

It is about 10PM.  As I think of my friend (no doubt having a ball) I wonder at the contrasts of our evenings. It makes me feel old and a bit gipped.  I am reminded of a short story in which there is a line about a parent who was at –

“An age when night had turned to no purpose but sleep.”

I also remember a commercial in which someone opens a bottle of beer which creates an instantaneous party. I fancy having one of those fabulous brews right now but I can’t recall the name. No point in running out to the 24 convenience store.

Truth be told what I really need is stretching and some rest.  As the world spins around me with everyone I know having late night romps (and goodness knows what else) I will be falling asleep reading a medical journal.

If anyone is planning a pool party next weekend Saturday, please think of me.

I will provide the beer.