I want to share something from work. I hope it will prompt Spo-fans to get their affairs in order.  Now.

A patient of mine is going through the emotional distress of the death of his partner. The partner, perhaps only 40 years old, had a major heart attack. I fear it is a short time before my patient becomes a ‘widower’.  So far as I can tell, neither were prepared for such an event.  A combination of nasty laws and a lack of legal papers explaining the other is to be in charge is causing roadblocks for my patient to make decisions about his partner. There are blockades even to visit him. My patient is somewhat at the mercy of his partner’s family, whether they will defer or not to his desires and decisions.

Besides the painful horror of losing his partner, he will have to deal with all the legal messes.

No one likes to prepare for death. It makes us uncomfortable.  We want to pretend it’s is a long way off. Many have the superstition if you prepare for it it will happen.

Please!  Whether you are young or old, partnered or not, make out  your wills and papers of who makes your medical and legal decisions if you should become incapable.

Do this.

Losing your loved one is grief enough.